USOG - United States Oil and Gas

USOG - United States Oil and Gas released news after the bell today on Results and Financial Condition.
The news release announced a net revenue increase for 2010 of 163% over the previous year, 2009. Sales in 2009 were $9.4 million vs. $24.7 million in 2010. Net losses were reported at $1.3 million for 2010. Net losses for 2009 were revised to show a net increased loss of $1.5 million, a 75% percent increase over what was previously reported in 2009.

United States Oil and Gas is an oil and gas producer that also provides services and technology within the oil and gas industry. USOG traded 19,605,670 shares today and a trading range of .0016-.0019. Penny stock traders may want to be watching USOG at the open tomorrow for a news related momentum trade.

For the news release click here.