IMGG - Imaging3, Inc.

IMGG - Imaging3, Inc is showing some signs of renewed strength in the past two trading sessions. The end of March brought in strong selling pressure as the stock declined over most of early April until finding a bottom and some support in the .07-.08 area. Buyers started showing some interest last Tuesday with the stock languishing between .09 and .10 for the remainder of last week. Penny stock traders pushed the stock up Monday from .09 to around .11 with no real struggle from selling pressure. IMGG opened today at .11 and did meet with some selling pressure as sellers pushed the stock to intraday low of .10 as shown by the lower shadow on today's candlestick. Buyers regained their momentum from Monday and pushed the stock to the sessions high and closing mark of .115.

Imaging3, Inc. provides 3D imaging medical technology. IMGG has a 52 week high of .66 and a 52 week low of .07 which was reached last week. The three month trading volume average is 825,166 with 1,125, 584 shares traded at market close today.