ECDC - East Coast Diversified Corp.

ECDC - East Coast Diversified Corp. has caught fire today going into afternoon trading posting a 312% gain so far on the day's session. The average daily volume for ECDC is only 138,906 for the last three months as the stock has already traded over 11 million shares today. The company released their financials yesterday which may have produced these positive results for the company share price and investors holding the stock.

ECDC opened this morning at .01 reaching a intraday high so far of .037 and  is currently trading at .033 with 90 minutes left in the session. Whatever the cause for the sudden upsurge in share price after a steady year long decline, penny stock traders have found a reason to put ECDC back in play. The next few days should tell if this current move will be a one day anomaly or a sustainable upward move with genuine power.