High Plains Gas -HPGS Consolidation?

High Plains Gas - HPGS(OTCBB) appears to be moving into a consolidation area after the recent extreme upward move. After almost breaching the 52 week high of .34, HPGS is pulling back to the .25 area moving into the close as some profit takers close positions. High Plains Gas announced in early November they were doing a debt conversion that would save the company almost $500,000 yearly in interest payments reducing company wide debt by almost $6 million.

HPGS has a 52 week high of 1.48 and a 52 week low of .03 with a three month average daily trading volume of 1,036,000 shares traded. Todays volume was way above the average and traded over 6 million shares on Tuesday. High Plains Gas company website http://www.highplainsgas.com/