AEN - Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Continues Gains

Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc. AEN (AMX) continues to move upward after Monday's gap up opening. Monday's trading set off alerts for traders to jump on board. AEN closed last week in the .50 area and gapped open Monday around the .85 area before closing around the mid-.70 area. Tuesday, AEN opened at .83 and traded on strong volume which pushed the stock up to a intraday high of .9385 before closing the day at .905 on 780,710 shares traded.

AEN has 52 week high of 2.25 and 52 week low of .4215 with a three month daily trading volume of 86,945 shares. Short term traders should continue to watch AEN as the possibility trading higher is expected. However, technical traders believe all gaps will be filled and their is the gap created Monday that should be considered before taking a long position. Company website: