Penny Stock Listing | Winning Brands WNBD

Winning Brands Corp. (WNBD:PK) develops and manufactures SMART Wet Cleaning Solutions in an effort to replace toxic and hazardous chemicals in the cleaning industry. WNBD trades on the Pink Sheet Stock Exchange and currently has a 52 week high of .0495 and a 52 week low of .0003. with an estimated market cap of 15,250,000 as of Feb. 22, 2008. Issued and outstanding shares as of Oct. 15, 2007 was 500,000,00. Authorized shares as of 5,000,000,000 as of Oct. 11, 2007 with a float of 350,000,000 as of the same date. Shareholders of record in Oct of 2007 was recorded at 260.

Recent news out of Winning Brands Corp announced that they are expanding operations into Europe. Also the company announced that they will begin advertising on the FOX network in late Feb. 2008.