NASDAQ Penny Stock List | AGIX On The Move

AtheroGenics Inc. (AGIX) has been in the sites of penny stock traders and investors the entire month of February. When February began, AGIX was trading below .40 and as of the end of the month, AGIX is trading over 100 percent higher in the .90 range. 1000 Penny Stocks has added AGIX to our NASDAQ Penny Stock List as a stock to watch in the coming months.

AGIX Chart

AtheroGenics Inc. has 52 week low of .35 which it touched at the beginning of this year and a 52 week high $11.41, which was almost a year ago. 2007 saw AGIX fall on hard times as the stock lost almost all of it's value becoming one of those 1000 percent or more losers in 2007. However, 2008 is starting out to be a rebound year for AGIX, although it is still too early to tell, 1000 Penny Stocks will continue to monitor AtheroGenics Inc. on our NASDAQ Penny Stock List for the next few months to see if AGIX regains it's former glory. So far, February has been an excellent indicator of things to come for AGIX, although the all important $1 mark has yet to be reached. 1000 Penny Stocks first mentioned AGIX on Feburary 7.