XDSL - Mphase Technologies

XDSL - Mphase Technologies has posted a 65% gain going into today's close as traders piled on pushing the stock up above the .01 mark with a intraday high of .0123 after opening at .0067 this morning. Over the last four trading sessions XDSL investors have enjoyed a upward trend afer experiencing a long doward trend over the past year. The stock slowly started trending upwards about ten trading days ago which did not go unnoticed by attentive penny stock traders. These diligent traders have been rewarded nicely by XDSL since momentum has poured in over the last 3 trading sessions giving the stock over a 100% gain since the upward trend began late last month.

XDSL is a nanotechnology company trading on the OTCBB. The stock has 52 week high of .023 reached midsummer last year and a 52 week low of .0032 reached a few weeks ago. The three month average daily trading volume for XDSL is 9,277,810 with over 56 million shares traded today 15 minutes before the closing bell. Penny stock traders should keep XDSL on their radar since momentum and trader interest continues to build in the stock.