TBIO - Transgenomic, Inc Reaches 52 Week High

TBIO - Transgenomic Inc has made an impressive upwards move this week sneaking in under the radar as a sleeper stock. Opening the week around .95, TBIO closed today at 1.45 up 21% from yesterday's close of 1.20 as traders continue to push this stock upwards on relatively light volume. After the strong move up Monday, Tuesday turned into a battle between buyers and sellers with bears winning the day but not without being bruised. Tuesday's battle is easily seen by the candlestick formed yesterday. Strong selling pressure is illustrated by the long lower shadow however buyers were able to move the stock back up however, but not with a net gain yesterday. Today the buyers met very little selling pressure and moved the sock up nicely with hardly any upper shadow showing on an otherwise strong candlestick for today's session. Penny stock traders may want to keep this sleeper stock on their radars since TBIO is no doubt beginning to show up on the radar of momentum players. TBIO has a 52 week high of 1.46 which was put in today and 52 week low of .30 with daily average volume of 41,854.