WSGI - Sanswire Corp

WSGI - Sanswire Corp extended its gains for the second straight day even more than the previous day as traders continued to pile on and push the stock higher. Opening the day at .10, the stock never looked back and printed a intraday high of .15 closing just one cent below the high at .14 on almost four times (860,252) the daily average volume of 222,356. WSGI opened the week at .08 which makes the gains from the last two days just below a 100% increase in share price.

An analyst report by Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions was released today valuing the stock at between .63 and $2.35 which is the reason for the current upward surge in share price. Sanswire is now known as World Surveillance Group trading under the new symbol WSGI. The company specializes in designing, developing and marketing light than air UAV's which can carry commercial communication payloads to low, mid and high level altitudes. WSGI has a 52 week low of .04 and a 52 week high of .15, which was established in today's trading. Penny stock traders should keep an eye on WSGI as it should continue to move upwards as traders and investors view the analyst report as very favorable.