TDCP - 3DIcon Corporation

TDCP - 3DIcon Corporation is enjoying some renewed interest from penny stock traders over last two months. TDCP has been flat lined over the past year and has moved up off the flat line making some impressive moves as you can see by the chart:

Basing off the 52 week low in the .01 area at the beginning of March, the stock climbed up to the .08 -.10 area going into the last week of March. It then pulled back briefly and tested the .08 area again the last couple of days in March before reversing. The .04-.05 area appears to be the new basis for support as the stock has twice bounced from this point, once in mid-March and once again a few days ago.

Strong volume today (almost 14 million shares traded) has pushed the stock up to a intraday high of .062. TDCP may well be on its way to testing the .08-.10 area of resistance yet again. The coming days should tell us if TDCP has the power to break through this area and move to the next level to begin basing at a new level of support. Average daily volume for the previous three months for TDCP is 1,678,250. 3DIcon Corp. is a tech company specializing in 3D projection and display technologies.