LEXG - Lithium Exploration

LEXG - Lithium Exploration increased its share price by 28.65 percent today as traders continued to push the stock higher. LEXG has only been trading since mid March and has yet to see any significant pullback. Given the lack of trading history on this OTCBB penny stock, technical traders should use caution, however the possibility does exist for higher prices to continue and is a good candidate for your watch list.

There has been no shortage of news released from the company over the last few weeks with the latest being on April 11. The latest news releases can be found here.

LEXG opened trading today at 1.97 closing at 2.47 on over 9 million shares traded. Average volume is 2.5 million shares which does show trader interest in the issue. Lithium Exploration is a mining company focusing on green technologies with focus on lithium brines as an alternative energy source.