CEYY - Fresh Start Private Management

CEYY - Fresh Start Private Management gapped up at open this morning and never looked back. News was released today after market close announcing the company had processed more then $3.8 million in insurance claims in the first quarter. It seems the news was anticipated by some since the stock gapped up .08 closing the day at .37, a 52 week high, on extremely heavy volume. Whatever the case may be, the company has released a significant amount of good news over the last few months.

Fresh Start Private Management is a a rehab clinic specializing in alcohol addiction, withdrawal, treatment and detox. The three month daily volume for CEYY is only 51,321 so the volume today will show up on volume  scans as penny stock traders look for potential trade set ups. The 52 week low is .16 and the 52 week high is .37 which was put in today. Below is the chart for CEYY.