AMNG Trading Alert: Possible Breakout!

AMNG - Amergence Group is courting a possible breakout out to new highs as shown by the chart. AMNG traded above the .02 mark most of the session, printing a intraday high of .023 and low of only .0195 early in the trading session. AMNG has been on penny stock trader's radar for the last as it has risen from the ashes after a long flat line as you can see in today's chart. The stock broke through the .02 area about ten days ago briefly before pulling back and consolidating gains just above the .01 mark for a few days. It then regained traction and has moved back nicely over the past week. Traders jumped on board today in anticipation of another breakout and have been rewarded thus far. Savvy traders will keep this chart on their watch for a potential breakout run.