PIPN - The Cloud Computing Penny Stock

Polaris International Holdings, Inc. is an interesting penny stock that has been gaining some attention lately. Trading under the symbol PIHN on the penny stock Pink Sheets Exchange, the company website states it’s business as offering and supplying I.T. services for network infrastructure and Cloud Computing Solutions. This is the reason we believe PIPN has been on so many penny stock traders charts recently with increasing volume and upwards price movement.

For those of you that are at a loss as to what cloud computing is, we will explain here on the penny stock trading blog. Cloud computing is another wonder of the Internet, providing services on demand through shared resources. These resources could be just about any type of device that could be hooked up to a computer and the Internet as well as any software. The big selling point of cloud computing is ease of access with the cloud representing the Internet. Rather than make this difficult to understand, cloud computing is used to provided business applications online with accessibility through your run-of-the-mill web browser. With these applications residing on the provider’s servers, with the bottom line being, cost cutting savings. End user cost are cut and only paying for services on demand. Not a bad idea. If you need more information about cloud computing, you can visit this website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing

PIHN’s website says they intend enter the Asian market with primary focus on Japan and China. The company is telling penny stock investors and penny stock traders Japan is moving toward spending a great deal more money in outsourcing for I.T. services and the sector has grown rapidly and PIHN’s plan is to capture a large share of the market in Asia. The company goes on to say the continued global economic client makes the market ripe for continued growth in out sourcing as companies continue to search for ways to cut cost.

Whatever the case, penny stock traders appear to believe PIHN is one of the current hot penny stocks and continue to push the stock higher with growing volume. Only time will tell…. Remember, Pink Sheet penny stocks are highly speculative, even more so than stocks trading on the OTCBB exchange. However, PIHN may be one penny stock worth keeping on your trading screen and see if traders continue to push this penny stock higher.