UDTT | Receives Bioterrorism Detection Contract For 2008 Olympics

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Detection Equipment Capable of Detecting Anthrax, Ricin Toxin, Botulinum Toxin, Plague, and SEBs in as Little as 3 Minutes

Jul 23, 2008 7:00:00 AM
2008 PrimeNewswire, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Universal Detection Technology (www.udetection.com) (OTCBB:UDTT) (Frankfurt:PO8), a developer of early-warning monitoring technologies to protect people from bioterrorism and other infectious health threats and provider of counter-terrorism consulting and training services, reported today that it has received a contract to provide handheld assays for bioterrorism detection for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The handheld devices are designed to detect Anthrax, Ricin, Botulinum Toxin, Plague and SEBs in as little as 3 minutes.

In an article published in the Homeland Security Daily Wire, the Chinese Minister of Public Security, Mr. Zhou Yongkang, was quoted to say that "terrorism poses the biggest threat to the holding of a successful Beijing Olympic games." Minister Yongkang asked on Monday for closer international collaboration on information sharing and risk analysis. "Although the general security situation for the Beijing Olympics remains stable, we still face the challenges of terrorism, separatism, and extremism," he added. He spoke at the International Conference on Security Cooperation for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, which is attended by more than 140 representatives from 32 countries and regions, and international organizations such as Interpol and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

UDTT's 5-agent bioterrorism detection kits have been extensively used by first responders and private industry throughout the country. Testing of the kits by the U.S. DOD as well as the United Kingdom military, shows that the kits show no cross-reactivity with near neighbor species and no false positives with commonly encountered "white powders." The kits will be optimally used to test suspicious powders in any of the numerous Olympics venues.

"The contract for the bioterrorism detection kits comes on the heels of our contract to provide radiation detection equipment for the Olympics," said Mr. Jacques Tizabi, UDTT's Chief Executive Officer. "We are proud to have contributed to the safety of the Olympics games," he added.

The contract to supply UDTT's bioterrorism detection equipment for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has come from F&D International Corporation. For more information please visit our website at www.udetection.com or

Email us at info@udetection.com.