TOFS | 247MGI, Inc. Coming to Television

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Jul 30, 2008 7:00:00 AM

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247MGI, Inc. (Pink Sheets:TOFS) ("247MGI") will be broadcasting right to your television in 1080 soon. 247MGI has been exploring ways to expand the use of its Broadcasting division without having the expense of buying airtime on cable to a limited audience.

With the launch of Video due in the coming weeks 247MGI will expand this part of the media business and offer users the ability to receive the broadcasts right on their televisions in high definition. The user will use a box similar to a cable box that will hook to their television using the video and audio inputs. Instead of a cable wire the user will need an Internet connection to the box to receive the broadcasts for viewing.

The box has other similar functions as a standard cable box and the system is expandable to offer additional channels for future programming.

247MGI will have a true broadcast network via the internet to offer clients and third parties for distribution without limitation to content, that can be viewed directly on a television no matter the size of the screen.

247MGI to hold shareholder broadcast on Smallcap Rapp(TM) Thursday July 31 at 4:05 PM EST.