Road Wings RDWG Announces Network Deployment

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/22/08 -- OneFi Technology, Inc., along with its funding partner Road Wings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: RDWG), announced today that it has been approved and is currently installing its WiMax/WiFi communications system in the city of Buena Park, CA. The OneFi Technology networks broadband signal will allow the citizens of Buena Park to access the internet at speeds up to 104 mbps. Additionally, the network will allow for VoIP, IPTV and first run movie downloads. The network design allows for ready expansion, and Dr. A. Omran, the CTO of OneFi Technology, stated, "Today's networks must allow for constant upgrades and the OneFi WiMax/WiFi network gives us an opportunity to capitalize on easy upgrades at a minimum of expense."

The standard network allows for 802.11-b-g, but the OneFi Technology network design incorporates the WiMax 801.16e signal which will go as far as twenty miles and also OneFi Technology uses 802.11-b-g and n to allow last mile user access.

Mr. David Cassidy, the owner of the newly installed network, was delighted to bring the OneFi Technology to Buena Park because it opens access not only for visitors, but also the underserved. David Cassidy is quoted as saying, "Although we have both Telco and cable, many consumers have trouble with both the affordability and lack of true broadband. With OneFi Technology those issues have been overcome." Mr. Tom White, OneFi CFO, stated, "The people in Buena Park now have a new set of broadband options with the arrival of OneFi's signal coverage in their community."

OneFi will also be installing its VoIP with users on a new market platform. Many residences in Buena Park have only had access to traditional landline access because of inconsistent wireless signal with the Buena Park cellular network.