PDGT | Paradigm Tactical Products Inc. Reports Interest In Radsafe Surges

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Jul 31, 2008 10:09:00 AM
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Paradigm Tactical Products Inc. (Other OTC:PDGT.PK - News), a leading provider of detection technology and homeland security solutions to the military as well as to the corrections, law enforcement and security industry is pleased to report that it has received a greater than expected interest in its new RadSafe(TM) product from the international marketplace.

Paradigm Tactical Products has already completed sales to distributors in Israel and South Africa. The company is also expecting to make additional sales and enter into exclusive distributor agreements in many emerging markets soon.

Vincent Cammarata confirmed the greater than expected interest stating, "We knew that the RadSafe(TM) would be an exciting new product but we are elated with the worldwide interest that we are seeing. Our recent sales in South Africa and Israel are continued validation of our decision to enter into the radiation detection space. I believe that we will have a solid foundation of similar major government suppliers in both established and emerging countries." Cammarata went on to say, "While I am not ready to increase our previous guidance I am extremely confident with our projections."