IDGI | INCA Designs, Inc Targets Over Ten Million Readers

Penny Stock News

Jul 28, 2008 9:45:00 AM

(PINKSHEETS: IDGI) - INCA Designs Inc. a boutique design house distributing sophisticated collections of swimwear, resort wear and accessories, is pleased to announce that it's Sari Dress was featured in a recent issue of Star Magazine.

"Star News has been an integral part of weekly celebrity culture and has been influential in many aspects of the consumers purchasing decisions. Star Magazine has not only set trends, they have to a degree influenced how people dress, they beauty products they use, what to eat and what cars to drive," stated Stephanie Hirsch, designer and President of Inca Designs Inc.

"It is incredibly important for Inca Designs to be mentioned in a magazine of this magnitude. They have given us the privilege of mentioning our fashion forward Sari Dress in one of their editorials, along side celebrities Kate Walsh and Lauren Conrad. It's trending setting magazines such as Star that help drive the demand for our products, which ultimately lead to revenue growth of companies like ours," continued Ms. Hirsch.

Star Magazine targets an audience that is predominately female. They currently have a total audience surpassing 10 million readers and are owned by American Media Inc., which is the 4th largest consumer magazine publisher in the United States and #2 in retail magazine sales. American Media Inc.'s over 16 titles reach over 50 million readers and they publish 6 of the 15 best selling weekly newsstand titles in the country.