FUTR | Future Now Group Test New Software WIth Clients

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Jul 31, 2008 8:00:00 AM

FAIRFIELD, CT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/31/08 -- Future Now Group, Inc. (OTCBB: FUTR) ("FutureNow"), a recognized authority in online marketing optimization, today announced that it has started alpha testing with clients its new web-based subscription service that will be made available in a commercial beta release early this fall. FutureNow has given the service a code name "Dr. Phil" and is not disclosing the name to the market yet.

Bryan Eisenberg, EVP of FutureNow, said, "Customers will buy subscriptions to a web-based expert software-as-service system for continuous improvement of their online revenue goals. We solve the huge problem of how to prioritize and project manage online marketing optimization so that customers' existing resources are focused on the changes that will have the largest revenue impact. We've been doing this for ten years, nobody else matches that level of experience."

Jeffrey Eisenberg, CEO of FutureNow, said, "With the broad adoption of web analytics & testing tools, companies are now able to see how the vast majority of their website visitors simply aren't achieving the goals they planned for those visitors. 'Dr. Phil' takes these companies to a whole new level by being the only system capable of uncovering the specific problems and recommending the specific changes needed to fix them."

Dr. Phil doesn't replace any web analytics, testing or other marketing tool customers use today and it's not consulting-based either. The software complements the resources good marketers already employ. In fact, FutureNow expects many agencies and other resale partner channels to enthusiastically embrace a co-branded offering. It is a win-win for them and for their clients to have the expertise of FutureNow readily available on their clients' desktop. FutureNow partners will implement on behalf their clients the most efficient and impactful improvements to their clients' online marketing campaigns so that they achieve the highest ROI.

Jeffrey Eisenberg added, "FutureNow will be rolling out solutions for business to consumer, business to business, retail and lead generation businesses at various price levels. The goal is not only to make actionable analysis and superb recommendations available on demand to our current audience (larger companies) but also to offer it at price points that make it a must-have-service for small to medium size businesses. This will allow us to scale our business tremendously."