CXAC Moving Forward With Nationwide Cable Commercial

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Nationwide Cable TV Will Launch Product Line

Jul 24, 2008 8:00:00 AM
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Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. (OTCBB:CXAC), manufacturers and distributors of nationally branded commodities, food and general merchandise to food stores, supermarkets and club stores, announced today it is aggressively moving toward a nationwide cable TV launch of its product line.

CXAC is in discussions with several companies to produce and air CXAC products for a nationwide direct response infomercial on national cable television.

Jorge Bravo, President and CEO of CXAC explains, "CXAC is aggressively moving forward with the production of a nationwide commercial that will initially launch one of our product lines. Depending on its success, we will begin to utilize the billion dollar business of direct response infomercials for most of our product lines."

Direct response, or 'branding' commercials are typically 60 to 120 second TV commercials that highlight the benefits of the product being shown. Viewers are motivated to make purchases via the phone or a web site. This 'call to action' produces multi-billions of dollars annually.

"CXAC is very excited to launch our first direct response commercial and even more excited to see the results. We believe our product of choice will generate the type of revenue that is in line with industry averages. Currently we are working out the details with talent, script writers, location, crew size, format, animation and editing. We anticipate everything to be finalized shortly and will keep the investment community updated," stated Bravo.

About Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc.: Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc., manufactures, distributes and markets specialty food products and general merchandise to large food chains, clubs and mass merchants. Through our moniker, Import Foods Division, we assist overseas manufacturers in the conformities of US packaging and label standards. Our proprietary brand, Fruit2 Go(R), is a unique and healthy fruit snack packaged in a squeeze pack of our own design. Spray n Shine is our environmental friendly waterless wash & wax that can clean up to 5 cars in a single can without the use of water or soap.

Cross Atlantic Commodities, Inc. is a fully reporting company trading on the OTCBB under the symbol "CXAC." Contact Investor Relations at (954) 678-0698 or visit