Penny Stock Listing | CPRK Continues Up 4th Day

Copper King Mining continues to move up the fourth day in a row, up 27% from yesterday's close. Opening this morning at .12, the intraday high this morning is .15 on 363,00 shares traded.

Recent news from Copper King Mining Corporation (CPRK.PK), states that the company has installed 55 full-sized billboards in LA County with 24 more billboards to follow in Utah. The billboards have invitations for people to visit Coppers King's website.
Along with the billboards, Copper King will be releasing several videos about Copper King Mining on several thousand TV stations via a satellite uplink, as well as several thousand radio talk shows, newspapers and trade magazines. The advertising blitz is designed to bring public awareness to Copper King Mining, a major employer in Milford, Utah, and provide an educational experience in the history and development of copper in the United States.
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