Squirrels in The Woodpile

Here at 1000 Penny Stocks we realize that penny stock trading can be a wild, white-knuckle ride and many times an exercise in frustration. Reading charts can help turn the odds in our favor, but many times we penny stock traders, are up against unseen forces. We know they are there, although invisible, we see their effect everyday on the OTCBB and for sure on Pink Sheet stocks. We are talking about crooked stock promoters and unscrupulous toxic financiers. These two have done more to ruin the penny stock market in the last 10 years than any other force.

Corrupt CEO’s that spend more time gazing at Level 2 screens rather than taking care of business are definitely a blight on the penny stock market, but they can’t hold a candle to the damage done by crooked promoters and greedy finance companies. Don’t get us wrong, there are legitimate promoters and actually these guys shouldn’t be called promoters since the name promoter usually garners the same response as the character PigPen from the Peanuts comic.

The good guy "promoters" fall under investor relations firms or media awareness firms and these guys know their jobs and do it well. Many penny stock traders usually prefer to trade penny stocks that are being promoted in some way, since most stocks trading on the OTCBB or Pink Sheets is likely to only trade by appointment if a promoter is not involved. Sorry guys but in most cases, this is a known fact. Most penny stocks will go unnoticed if someone isn’t getting the word out in some way.

A reputable investor relations firm or media awareness firm will take genuine interest in the welfare of the company and it’s shareholders, realizing that ultimately, increase in share price is what everyone is after. The company and it’s employees, the shareholders, company creditors and it’s consultants including their attorneys and the IR firm, all are interested stock price increase. Here at 1000 Penny Stocks, we don’t care what anyone tells you otherwise., A increasing company stock price is the Holy Grail for all involved. This is the one common goal, all of the above share with each other.

One squirrel in the woodpile can turn the whole process on its ear and destroy the common goal. We’ve heard them all here at 1000 Penny Stocks. "The former shell owner is dumping stock." " People that bought private placement stock are selling." "The company is camping on the offer an won’t let the stock move up, the greedy bastards." "NITE is shorting it", the list goes on. Some of these complaints are valid and true but in most cases the squirrel is a crooked promoter or a financier selling the stock lower in order to request more shares from the company. This pattern will continue until the company goes belly up. 1000 Penny Stocks has seen this happen over and over in penny stocks.

1000 Penny Stocks will rant and rave about these crooks more later…to be continued……