Innova Robotics And Automation CEO Dies

INRA (OTCBB) Innova Robotics and Automation announced the CEO, Eugene Gartlan, died January 25 after a short illness. Innova's Board of Directors appointed Lloyd Spencer, president and chief executive officer of Innova subsidiary, CoreWare, as temporary CEO of Innova until the board of directors appoints a successor to Mr. Gartlan.

Before his appointment to CEO of Innova, Mr. Gartlan served as Innova's executive director of strategic development and as CFO. Mr. Gartlan career included positions at the executive level for leading financial firms and international publishing companies including CFO for The Thomsan Corporation, CFO for Moody's Investors Service, CFO of Maxwell Macmillian Internationl Publishing Company and CFO of International Data Group. Mr. Gartlan was a CPA with Price Waterhouse earlier in his career.

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