HRAL: January Has Been A Outstanding Month For Shareholders


HearATLast shareholders have reason to be happy. HARL (OTC:PK) shares have more than doubled since the last week of December where it was trading around fifty cents. A recent news release in early January informed shareholders that the company had been busy in November and December opening five new locations acrosss Canada, expanding into Alberta.
HARL posted record sales in November and December totaling $203,446 US, their biggest month in the compaany's history.
In Novemebr, HRAL also announced a private placement funding package totaling $1 million. The company received the investments funds from accredited investors for the purchase of 666,667 shares of restricted stock which represents a purchase price of $1.50 per share. The investors have agreed to lock the restricted shares for a period of 2 years after which point, the shares can be sold on the open market.
The company went on to say that the funding terms wer simple with no convertiable features, warrents or stock options. All common stock that was sold in the transaction will have a two year restriction as soutlined by rule 144.
Penny stock investors have shown an interest in HARL in the month of January as the stock has more than doubled since the lst week of December.
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